What are Cycling and Running Jerseys Made of?

When you engage in physical activities or exercises such as running and cycling, it is essential to wear appropriate clothing. It will allow you to move freely. Jerseys are made of materials that will enable better sweat absorption. If you browse through racks of cycling and running jerseys, you will see that they use the same materials. Do you ever wonder what manufacturers like selekt.co.uk use for their jerseys? Let’s find out.


  • Lycra is suitable for weather above 55˚F. It gets rid of heat and moisture swiftly, and also quickly evaporates the moisture, so you don’t run or bike all drenched in sweat. You can even wear a Lycra jersey when it rains, as long as the temperature does not drop below 55˚F. And because it takes away the moisture, you will be dry again once the rain stops. This type of fabric is not suitable for the cold weather, but you can wear it underneath another layer of suitable material.
  • Surprisingly, jersey makers use wool for their clothing. But since it is a natural fabric, it costs more than its synthetic counterparts. What it does is it cools your body by wicking the sweat away, while still providing enough warmth when you are wet. The fabric is lightweight, which is one of the important features of a jersey. It also possesses natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevent odour from developing.
  • Polyester fabric absorbs moisture like a true champion. It is a very durable fabric, so it can last for years with proper care and washing. It also dries quickly, so if you wash it right after your ride or run, you can use it again the next day.

Why you should not wear cotton

Cotton is probably the most comfortable fabric there is: when dry. As you run or bike, you are bound to get sweaty, and cotton does not eliminate moisture. What it does instead is it absorbs the moisture, and the fabric sticks to your body. Compared to synthetic fabrics that wick away moisture from the body, when cotton gets wet, it stays wet. It will weigh you down when you run or bike wearing a sweaty cotton shirt.

Choosing the right fit

Besides the right fabric for the jersey, you must also choose the right fit. Wearing an ill-fitting jersey is not comfortable, and it will not absorb moisture from your body as well as a good-fitting jersey. The right fit will also not impede your movements when you bike or run. If you cannot find the right fit off the racks, your best option is to have a custom-made jersey tailored to your body.


If you think that t-shirts are still your go-to running and cycling apparel, then think again. The benefits that you will get from wearing appropriate clothing are awesome. So, chuck those t-shirts aside and stock up on jerseys for your workouts. Sweating is inevitable when you bike or run, but you don’t have to drench yourself in sweat if you can avoid it by wearing the right clothing.

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