College Football Game Recap: Virginia Tech at Miami

In Miami there is a fight which will result in ACC Title implications on the on the line when the Hokies from West Virginia take on the Miami Hurricanes. Both teams are extremely athletic and possess plenty in speed both on the field and off. Damien Berry for the Hurricanes controls the line of scrimmage in the early minutes in the first quarter due because of his speed in breakaway as well as the bigger players in the trenches, holding their blocks. After maintaining the running game and gaining 40 yards in rushing and a play-action throw at Leonard Hankerson gets the Hurricanes an early lead in the beginning of the. With this touchdown , Hankerson surpasses Michael Irving for the most touchdown receptions in Miami history. This gives to the Hurricanes to take over after only allowing one first down to the ground by Tyrod Taylor with 17 yards. The punt was lost by Travis Benjamin giving the ball straight over to the Hokies.

Following the Canes mistake, Tyrod Taylor was Sacked by Marcus Robinson who is credited with forcing the fumble. The Canes were able to come out with some cleverness and they hit the flea flicker, which grants the team 43 yards, and draws the crowd in when the stadium goes into a rage! Then they make another mistake that is not timed on Fourth and 1. Miami is able to make it happen inside their zone of red. Bad decision. It’s too early to go for that 4th down in the 1st quarter. They’ll score the points when the chance is available. The next possession Tyrod Taylor led the team down the field in a 12 play, 88 yard drive that took just under 6 minutes. The drive also sucked out some of the energy the Canes enjoyed, and calming the crowd. The first quarter was over.

The 2nd quarter began with a flurry of activity, Miami had an answer to Virginia Tech’s Virginia Tech drive with a good mix of run and pass. Morris with the Canes is able to lead them down the field in 11 plays and gaining 55 yards. It takes 4 minutes to make it into field goal range. The Canes add 3 on the foot of Matt Bosher. After 34 yards, Morris knocks it through the uprights and bring the score to 10-7 at the start of the 2nd quarter. The following Virginia Tech drive, penalties make a mess of the Canes in that they lose 30 yards. In recent times, this has caused problems for Miami in a number matches. The pass interference decision brings the Hokies into the field goal zone in the second quarter. Chris Hazely makes the 49 yard field goal to tie the game at 10 minutes and five minutes into the 2nd quarter. Miami did well in the run following an Tech field goal, until a inconsistencies with the middle and rookie quarterback Stephen Morris causes the 3rd Cane mistake of the Half score live. The mistake doesn’t earn the Canes scoring any points Tech. Following the Canes defense is able to allow one second down. After that, the kick to the end zone becomes an attempt to get back. Miami goes down, but fails to score a field goal, which will almost complete the game at halftime.

When Miami took possession of the ball in the opening half, the Hokies were able to get the ball in the second. The second half began somewhat slow, and both defenses forced to punt. After holding a drive for the second drive for Tech The drive is concluded with a spectacular pass by Tyrod Taylor Danny Coale for 43 yards and the first score in the second quarter. Miami is not going to go out without fight!! Miller Sparks the drive for the Canes with a 47-yard sprint, which leads to an unanswered touchdown to tie the game with 17 minutes to go in the third. Miller scores an rushing touchdown for Miami at 4 yards. The Tech drive after the score leads to an attempt to punt for players from the Hokies while the Canes get inside the 20 of their own. They are out in force and prevail in the trenches thanks to the massive hosses in front, creating good openings that will be used by Damien Berry and Miller on the previous drive. This concludes the 3…

In less than an hour and a half into the 4th quarter, Ryan Williams breaks free for the Hokies and runs to the home for 84 yards Then! He went to the track and not a single speedster in the defense of the Canes were able to stop the speedster. When he broke through the gates, he became unstoppable, and he sped towards the finish line. This proves that sticking with the running game can be advantageous in the fourth quarter. Of course, the winner of this game will go into an ACC finals, which means that the stakes are high. This game could be one that fans had hoped for from two teams who have joined the ACC simultaneously. But Miami has not played in a title game after they switched divisions before joining the ACC.

An opportune interception by the Hokies is close to stitching this one into Virginia. If they can make the most of the fourth turnover in the game, they could beat the Hurricanes and then take over the rock inside their home territory. Taylor of the Hokies stumbles to the goal line after 18 yards out , and the drought continues because of the mistake. If Miami cannot get a couple quick strikes as well as defensive stop after the TD they’re in danger. With just 5:18 remaining in the 4th quarter, the 5th mistake of the night for Miami will result in an interception for the 2nd time in the contest. It is likely to bring a victory for the Hokies since they emerge in the 4th, playing a great defense, as we’ve seen throughout the night.

Author: Barbara C. Abrams

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