NBA 2K21 – Let’s Celebrate The Lunar New Year

NBA 2K21 is hosting a Lunar New Year event. The latest game patch revealed that the game is preparing for a celebration. The update brings seasonal decorations to the 2K Beach. This is the place where in-game holidays are held. The place gets decorations that match the spirit of this holiday, the Year of the Ox. So, head out to the 2K Beach and check out the adornments. Everything looks great. Over the weekend, we can expect event activities in the game. Make sure to complete them as they will surely have nice rewards. The 2K Beach decorations come with Update 6. Let’s see what else is included in this patch.

NBA players will now look more realistic thanks to the visual update. 2K Beats has more soundtracks. The controller will no longer rumble in online play. The MyCareer update brings the Big Top to the 2K Beach. More about this will be revealed in the next weeks. MyTeam fixes take care of the hang that happened when players began a multiplayer game with a certain lineup. This mode will now offer a better experience thanks to several stability improvements. There were also updates concerning the MyTeam Unlimited Tournament. This event is set to take place on February 20th. You can catch the matches on 2KStreamcast. The tournament has a prize pool of $250,000.

Another update improved the next-gen version of NBA 2K21. The 2K Beats soundtrack now has more tunes. Expect to hear the new songs as you take part in activities in The City. If you happen to arrive at the Los Angeles Lakers court, don’t forget to check out the floor. It was updated with seasonal changes. The home uniform for the Los Angeles Lakers and the city uniform for the New York Knicks have been updated. Many players have had their likeness updated as well. Josh Reaves, Leandro Bolmaro, Troy Daniels, Miye Oni, and Robert Williams are some of them. The update brings fixes for The City, MyCareer, MyTeam, and MyNBA. You can now access private matchmaking when playing in the Pro-Am League Night. When you start matches in The City, the foam fingers and boxing gloves will not be equipped anymore. In MyNBA, the player morale will now work better. The attributes that were incorrectly boosted during player progression will now have the right values. MyTeam is getting ready for the next additions. General gameplay updates make the game a better experience. If you need NBA 2K21 MT coins to help you get more players, don’t forget to check out We have fast deliveries and great prices!

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