Back Injuries In Sports

Anyone that plays sports for recreational fun or to compete knows the challenges of staying healthy. This holds especially true as we age. Trust me, seems I can’t do anything without my wrist hurting or knees bugging me. The other day I was on the basketball court and jumped for a rebound and noticed a nasty pain in my shoulder, sometimes I’ll know up in my shoulder and neck but this wasn’t the case. This was something I hadn’t felt before and was driving pain down into my back. I searched Google only to find out that back injuries are the most common injury that active people face as they age. I have even tweaked my back rolling out of bed, I was a little overweight at the time but it can happen. For the weekend warrior, you know all about those back pains, they are a real threat and can prevent productive work hours as well as weekend activities.


So my back was tweaked and I had to get something done. The more I searched the web, the more I realized how common these injuries were. It was interesting to note that most back injuries like what I have experienced will actually heal themselves. This can take a month or more, but it seems to be pretty accurate, I can think of many back injuries I have had and I recovered over time without any medical attention. This could be the reason that I am now prone to back injuries, but I don’t know. These days though, I would prefer to seek treatment from a professional. The days of eating 5 Tylenol and drinking a beer are long gone. I’m looking to truly take care of the problem so that it goes away for good.


Depending on the severity of the injury, it’s suggested that you visit a Chiropractor if you have experienced an injury to your back playing sports or even around the house. I tweaked my lower back painting the house last year, it just happens. Part of my problem has been obesity. I have been overweight for a while now and those extra pounds around my waist just pull on my lower back all day creating discomfort. Weight loss can act as a preventative measure, not only for your lower back but for your overall health. Consider chiropractic care for weight loss. If your spine is aligned and your body is functioning properly you will be healthy enough to exercise and that is something that is invaluable.


The more severe neck and back injuries occur from contact sports, and they can be brutal. In football or martial arts there are stingers that occur to the neck, and if you have had one then you know what I’m talking about. It can be a scary thing when you receive one. Normally a stinger is a quick pain that resolves itself in a few minutes, but there are cases that are more extreme than others that will require medical attention. At that point it’s more than a stinger, there could be some permanent damage and you should seek medical attention form a licensed Chiropractor.


The lower back pains are also common, especially if you are a heavier set individual. Lifting weights or shuffling around in sudden bursts in awkward positions can cause all sorts of lower back pains. Playing basketball and twisting for a shot, swinging the baseball bat hard before stretching, kicking a soccer ball hard prior to warming up, all these can cause lower back issues. Typically these will resolve with an ice pack and some anti-inflammatory medications. If the problem continues to trouble you, call a Chiropractor.


Spinal fractures are also a potential issue with contact sports. Extreme sports like skateboarding and snowboarding often have athletes sidelined for injuries like this. Falling hard on surfaces that are unforgiving can cause stress fractures and will require medical attention. If you truly believe you have a stress fracture in your spine you will need to consult your physician and schedule an x-ray. In more severe cases, athletes will be carted off the field or floor of the sporting arena for a more thorough evaluation.


To keep in the game on the weekends and in life seek medical treatment immediately if you are experiencing pain beyond the first few days of your injury occurring. If it gets worse, seek medical attention, if your legs become weak seek medical attention. To prevent injuries follow some very simple rules, strengthen your core, use proper posture, warm up and stretch out, sleep well, and avoid obesity. Staying active is important for your health, don’t let injuries prevent you from getting out there and experiencing life.



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