Cannabis Use Among Athletes- What are The Pros?

Let’s face it! Most athletes are shifting from conventional pain killers to cannabis. With the relaxation of cannabis laws in most states, researchers continue to debunk common cannabis myths. The social stigma is fading away, and most fitness pros laud the benefits of cannabis in sporting performance. But the question still lingers, is marijuana a magical drug for athletes? What are its benefits?

Let’s learn some facts;

  1. Cannabis can ease inflammation.

Athletes are prone to injuries during practice and play. These can be painful and mostly lead to inflammation. Marijuana can help ease muscle and joint inflammation. According to a publication by the National Library of Medicine, CBD can reduce inflammation. And this is because marijuana promotes an anti-inflammatory response in the body.

What are the everyday products? These include edibles, pills, tinctures, sprays, and more. It’s advisable to limits your does, though! A gram of weed may be more than you can imagine. To reap the benefits without smoking or vaping, you can as well use topicals or tinctures.

  1. Marijuana can improve sleep.

Sleep is crucial in your overall fitness. Lack of it can significantly affect your sporting performance. There are many studies to prove that THC can help boost better sleep. It can help athletes with sleep disorders like sleep apnea. Moreover, cannabis can suppress dreams and ease REM sleep disorders. That’s not all, though! Weed helps relieve stress and anxiety, which can improve sleep quality and duration.

  1. Marijuana can help treat muscle spasms.

Cannabis has also shown positive results in managing muscle spasms. These are associated with ailments such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s. It’s believed that the benefits could extend to sportspeople suffering from muscle spasms.

Moreover, studies on rodents have revealed that cannabis has beneficial effects on muscle recovery, thanks to its anti-inflammatory characteristics. There’s a need for more research on athletes suffering from these disorders, though.

  1. Cannabis helps alleviate pain

Cannabis research on pain relief has shown positive results. Cannabis can help alleviate pain resulting from athlete injuries and muscle spasms. Also, it can relieve fatigue, physical and mental exhaustion.

Athletes like Christopher Louie credits cannabis for pain relief. He claims that weed saved his life and replaced opiates after a catastrophic gunshot wound suffered in 2003.

  1. Improved cognitive function

Contrary to the common belief, cannabis may not have adverse effects on brain functioning. Consistent low doses of THC can restore cognitive functions, according to a 2017 study published in Nature Medicine. Marijuana can help subdue stress and anxiety and improved focus.

How much should I consume?

Cannabis dosage is highly individualized, and no amount fits all. The requirements vary from one user to the other. To achieve excellent results with minimal side effects, you should pay attention to your doses.

Again, your dosage can change depending on various aspects. These are; consumption method, chosen strain, and tolerance levels. All in all, it’s best to start with minimal doses and keep increasing as you build a tolerance to the dug.

In summary

THC, the main psychoactive component in cannabis, may not improve athletic prowess. However, its calming and relaxing effects may impact athlete performance in many ways. Other benefits to athletes include pain relief, inflammation treatment, improved sleep, and enhanced brain function.

Author: Barbara C. Abrams

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