Fantasy Football Apps for iPod and iPhone Devices

Football season is always al the time of the year. If you consider yourself as a football fan, hopefully you have all the necessary things that should required to watch football: an HDTV the size of a refrigerator, a foam hand emblazoned with your favourite team’s mascot, some sweets, snacks and savory with plenty of hot opinions for the next water cooler discussions, or for yelling at the radio. But apart from all of these, you can be relaxed if you have iPhone or iPod Touch as you should consider yourself a lucky person because you have many more other ways to enjoy the football season. We are here providing some best fantasy football apps to bring the excitement of season on your iDevice:

ESPN Fantasy Football: This is one of the essential fantasy football app through which you can carry the entire fantasy football experience just holding in the palm of your hand with high end graphics and a spontaneous interface which can even beat the Desktop Web browser version. This app will let you to manage multiple leagues and teams and also give access of news feed with valuable stats, news and many more. So, ESPN Fantasy football app will make more addictive for the football game than ever.

Backbreaker Football: Backbreaker football app is just not the best football simulation on the iPhone, it is termed as one of the best games in iPhone app store. The graphics of this game is incredible and unlike other games backbreaker football puts the player down on the field, at eye-level with the players, right in the center of the action. The hits are so hard that you can almost feel them. This is one of the great lists of features like football scores app, multiplayer gaming modes, online score sharing and custom teams. This game is lives up to its hype.

CBS Sports Pro Football: If you are feeling tired of having to page through all such unimportant news of the day in which you are not at all interested and just want to get to those few precious football updates and videos, then you should first examine your priorities. Second thing that does CBS have the app for you. CBS Sports Pro Football takes the days breaking football news, videos, play-by-play analysis, and standings and weaves them into a free and fun to use app for the iPhone.

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