How to Create a Unique Feel to Your Storefront

Owning your own store is a huge deal. It’s something you may take great pride in, but you may be concerned about the number of customers you’re receiving each day. If you feel like you’re not bringing in nearly as much foot traffic as you originally anticipated, you’re probably wondering what you’ll need to do to make such a significant difference. The best thing to do is to make your storefront look more unique than any of the other establishments in the area.

When you have a unique, interesting storefront, people are going to be interested in what you’re offering, even if it’s not necessarily something they truly need to purchase at that moment. They’re going to want to walk inside the building to see if there are more interesting things to look at because they like what they’re seeing from the outside. There are quite a few different ways to enhance the look of your storefront, giving it that unique yet sophisticated and fun appearance that the consumers will love.

Try a Unique Look and Feel When Painting Your Storefront

One way to make a difference is to give your storefront a complete paint job. Use brighter colors that go with your business in one way or another. For example, you may have already created a specific logo that represents the business you’ve started. You could have the building painted with those colors to make it stand out on a block full of several other businesses that may look plain and unoriginal.

You may even want to have interesting designs painted on the outside of the property. Adding extra designs is a great way to get even more attention from people. They’re going to look over at the building and wonder what is being sold there because its appearance is much different from the appearance of most of the other buildings located in the area.

Put a Lot of Thought and Effort into Your Window Display

After you’ve painted your storefront, it’s a good idea to start working on a window display that is sure to get people to stop and look at what you’re selling. If the windows of your establishment are empty, no one is going to think you’re offering something special or unique and they’re just going to end up passing by your business instead of stopping inside. Your main goal should be to put together such a captivating window display that makes people stop to look and ultimately gives them that push they need to have to walk through the doors of your business and check things out.

Start by adding some lights to your window display. You’ll want to highlight certain products you sell and the best way to make those products stand out in a window is to have some of the most beautiful lights surrounding those items. Some business owners use different types of string lights in their display windows. The string lights are convenient because they’re available in multiple different colors, styles, and sizes, so you should find some lights that fit with the look you’re going for in your window.

In addition to adding the extra lights, focus on making the window display bright and colorful. Use pops of color that look intriguing and instantly get people to look over at your storefront. Focus on trying to tell a bit of a story with the way you’re going to display certain items in the window. Make sure everything looks organized and always keep the windows clean because you don’t want dusty, dirty, streaky windows to prevent people from looking at the beautiful display you’ve created.

Have the Perfect Sign Created and Installed

Invest in the perfect sign that represents your business. It’s hard to pick a single sign because there are tons of different styles to choose from. Take your time to look through some of the different signage styles, including channel letter signs, neon signs, custom architectural signs, and even monument signs. Once you find a style that you believe would be the right fit for your business, you’ll need to work out some additional kinks, including the colors you’d like to have used on the sign.

It’s important to have a sign installed that is going to shine over your establishment while looking flawless. You may want to make sure the sign is going to look perfect with the new color of the building and the different displays you’re planning to use in the windows. Check with Cincinnati sign supply.

Add Some Color and Excitement With Flags

An easy way to add some color and excitement to the outside of your storefront is to purchase and install decorative flags. Decorative flags have been used by business owners for decades because they get attention and that is the main goal. However, you don’t have just go with some of the basic options. You can have these decorative flags customized to your liking with neat designs and your own business logo featured on them.

Use Personalized Vinyl Decals

Get personalized vinyl decals to display information on your front door, such as when your business is open and when it’s closed. The great thing about these decals is that you can choose from hundreds of different fonts and change the decals as often as you want. The vinyl decals are an affordable way to add something extra and unique to your storefront without putting forth too much effort.

The look and feel of your storefront is so important. If it doesn’t look unique or inviting, it may be hard for you to get enough foot traffic to make many sales and continue to keep running the business. If you’d like to get far more foot traffic for your business, it’s important to focus on taking different steps to enhance the appearance of your establishment. You can make these enhancements by choosing to paint the outside of the building, creating a beautiful window display, having the perfect sign created and installed, using decorative flags, and even placing personalized vinyl decals on glass doors and windows.

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