Why women are choosing to play rugby.

Rugby has been a popular sport for many years. It’s often considered to be a men’s sport due to its high contact nature. However, more women are choosing to play rugby and are enjoying all the positive aspects it offers.

Why women are choosing to play rugby
Women from all over the world enjoy playing rugby. There are many reasons they enjoy the sport so much.

It’s a Challenge
Rugby requires a lot of determination, strength and resilience. Defending your teammates and stopping the ball from making it past the line gives the mind and body a good workout.

Bonding with Others
Your teammates often become your best friends, and many people continue participating in a sport because it brings them together. Teammates defend each other and celebrate wins together.
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A Fun Alternative to the Gym
Gym workouts can be boring, but rugby enables women to lose weight while building some muscle. Team sports are often preferred as methods of exercise because people enjoy socialising with their team.

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Anyone Can Play
It doesn’t matter how short you are or if you happen to be overweight. All that matters is that you have the right attitude and are willing to work with others.

Gain Skills and Confidence
Rugby builds self-esteem and gives players the ability to not only work in a team but also gain leadership skills. Many people find that the benefits rugby offers translate to their everyday lives. It can make you more successful in life and help to give you skills to further your career.

You Don’t Have to Diet
The high-contact sport means you burn off a lot of calories while you play when you are in competition with others. Trying to lose weight in the gym or by jogging does not generally enable you to eat whatever you want, but rugby is a very strenuous sport. You will look forward to the pub dinner after every game, and you will feel you deserve it.

Overall, the number of women playing rugby will continue to grow. The gender gap is closing as more women are enjoying high-contact sports. Few sports offer the exercise, health and wellbeing benefits that rugby does.

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