5 Tips on How to Ski like a Professional

The winter holiday is an excellent opportunity to hit the slopes and showcase your skiing skills. If you are an enthusiast, improving your skills translates to better enjoyment and more fun on your holiday and this exhilarating experience is what many people look forward to when they put on full skiing gear.

If you prefer to ski in France, honing your skills at this Courchevel Ski School is perhaps the best way to overcome most of the challenges you have on the slope, while at the same time learning new tricks and tips from professionals. Here are some tips from skiing specialists which you can use on your next trip if you do not have the time to enroll in a skiing course.

Practice making short turns

A short turn is a parallel turn made in quick successions. This technique is elegant and perfect when used on narrow runs. Making sharp turns will allow you to travel down the slope at a constant speed. To master making sharp turns, you need to keep your upper body still and confine the movement to your legs.


Carving is a technique to master if you love speed. Carving down the hill is genuinely an impressive manoeuvre but requires a bit of practice. In cutting a perfect turn, your skis need to be on edge as early as possible when you start making the turn.

Skiing on steeps

Skiing over steeps requires a higher degree of control and confidence. It is a challenging experience but rewards you with unmatched excitement. If you are a less experienced skier, you can achieve a successful manoeuvre down steeps by sliding sideways while traversing very steeply. Some helpful exercises you can do while practicing this trick are hockey stops and side slips.

Skiing on difficult conditions

The conditions of the slopes vary, and there are days when you find yourself faced with a more challenging hill to ski on. For slopes that are icier than usual, you need to slow down your speed. As much as possible, use the edges of your ski and concentrate your weight on the downhill ski. It also helps to slide sideways when going down icy slopes.

On the other hand, if the snow is soft, you have better control over your skis because the edges dig better into the snow and you can also use bumps on the snow to initiate turns. For better movement, always keep your legs together.

Freestyle tricks and jumps

Skiing freestyle gives you an opportunity to perform tricks and jumps. One critical skill to master if you want to show these tricks is being able to switch or ski backwards. An essential tip to keep in mind when trying to switch is to keep your eyes focused on the travel direction, so if you are attempting to ski over a kicker, begin with a simple straight jump. Start your practice by inevitably doing small jumps until you reach a level of confidence to try bigger jumps.

There are other tricks you can do on the slopes while skiing which can improve your experience. As recommended by experts, always keep your safety in check and if possible, seek the assistance of a professional.


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