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Online gaming is one of the greatest industries in the world. they earn great revenue every year through the registrations and tournaments. Apart from fair dealing, this is something through which people get under the influence of fraud. That’s the worst reality. Every year, several scam cases are reported throughout. The cyber attacks are mostly because of malicious websites which players connect with. They do not have any idea about the credibility and eventually pay great costs of these false steps. Therefore, if you are a regular gamer, you must know about 먹튀. This is all that most people are inclined towards because of safety concerns. They offer everything like safe websites and honest play. What else could be this amazing? Of course, nothing. End of the day, you will have an amazing experience of safe gaming. We will share some of the most outclass facts about the online games that will blow your mind. You will love to observe them by yourself.

  • Most expensive game ever

It took around $137 million to develop the game GTA and a further $128 for its marketing. But, end of the day, Rockstar North, the creator earned massive profit because the game earned more than $1 billion in its first 3 days. The name of the second most expensive game is “Call of Duty: Modern War Far 2 (2009).” No matter what, we have seen that Grand theft auto nearly gained all that was spent.

  • More female gamers of online games

It’s a fact that 45% of online gamers and 46% of game buyers are the women? Isn’t it attention seeking? Yes, for sure. With more and more customized characters, difficult storylines, and more sense of acceptance of ‘geekiness’ are a few reasons why gaming is no more seen as a boys-only hub.

  • 30% of the gamers are 50 and above

The heading might have got your comprehensive attention. Yeah, that’s reality. Today, online games are not only confined to youngsters but also the people of the elderly age group. So, if you are among those, you can enjoy the perks of being a senior citizen.

  • Online gaming market in China earns the most revenue

According to the research, most of the gaming revenue which is earned throughout the world is by China. As of June 2018, China is the greatest online game market that earned more than $27 billion. This is something that makes everything far competitive in the gaming world.

  • 68% of the smartphone owners play online games

In the past few years, smartphones have been a massive source for the online gaming industry’s development. We owe to their universality. In this new decade, nearly everyone has a smartphone nowadays. Despite this, the quality of those games isn’t as high as that on PC or Xbox games, yet, they have made gaming’s limits and made them available to more and more people.

Closing note

After realizing the amazing facts of online games, we know that you would like to enjoy all the types of gaming activities through the internet. Meanwhile, you enjoy, try to be as safe as you could because the scammers influence those who take this lightly. 먹튀 is there to help you to enjoy the games safely without any problem.

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