How Should Your Wetsuit Fit And How Tight Should It Be?

Your personal preference will determine how tight your clothes fit. Some people prefer to wear baggy pants with a loose-fitting shirt and others like to wear tapered skinny jeans with a fitted top. While that’s fine for going out on the town, it doesn’t make sense when you are trying to fit into a wetsuit.

Why is it so important for a wetsuit’s functionality to be tight?

Wetsuits work only if there is enough water trapped between you and the suit. Your body heats this layer, keeping you from losing too much heat in the water.

Any water that seeps into a wetsuit must stay in the suit and keep it warm. A wetsuit that is too loose around the neck, wrists, and ankles will cause the warm-water layer of your body to be continuously flushed with cold water. This can lead to the wetsuit not working properly.

Is all neoprene the same?

Wrong. It’s not true. We only use the best for our Ride Engine suits: soft, durable, flexible and fast drying Neospan S-Foam Neoprene. It is not toxic and has no hydrophobic chemicals.

What is the right amount?

The wetsuit should fit snugly around your body, with no gaps or bagginess. The wetsuit should feel almost like second skin. There should be no wrinkles on the torso, arms and legs, as well as no gathers around the crotch or underarms. The heat-trapping insulation properties will be destroyed if there are pockets of water or air sloshing about.

The wetsuit should feel almost like second skin, with minimal to no wrinkles in the major areas.

Is it possible for a wetsuit to be too tight?

Yes! It is possible to make your wetsuit too small. Not only will it be difficult to get into and out of, but also it will restrict circulation, which can lead you to fatigue and loss of coordination. To keep your legs and arms warm, blood must flow to your legs and arms. When trying on wetsuits at authorized Ride Engine dealers, remember that it will feel less restrictive once it has been wet. A loose wetsuit in the store will only make it looser in the water. A properly-sized wetsuit will allow you to be more active on the water, spend more time out, and keep your body warm.

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Author: Barbara C. Abrams

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