4 reasons to start swimming

There are many reasons why swimming is an excellent exercise to infuse into your weekly workout routine. It doesn’t matter how old you are either. Swimming is an awesome exercise for all ages.

1. It’s a low-impact workout.

One of the reasons why swimming is such a great workout for all ages is because of the fact that it’s a low-impact exercise. When a person goes for a jog, there is a significant level of jumping involved. Each time the foot hits the pavement, this impacts the entire body. Even though jogging is a wonderful cardiovascular activity, it really does a number on the joints as it is a high-impact exercise. When you go for a swim, your joints, tendons and ligaments aren’t negatively impacted. It’s an awesome workout for those who are those who are  in their senior years.

2. It’s a great cardiovascular workout.

It’s so easy to burn a lot of calories when you’re swimming laps in the pool. By the time you get to the end of the pool, it’s easy to be completely out of breath. As you try different techniques like the breaststroke and flip turn swimming, you’ll be able to get a full-body workout, bring the heart rate up to the fat-burning zone and burn tons of calories.

3. It’s an excellent strength-training workout.

If you’d like to work on toning your body, swimming is a great exercise to try. The water provides a significant amount of resistance. As you push your body weight through the water, you’re also pushing against the water. This is why different techniques are great because they enhance your ability to push and pull your body through the water. If you’d like to develop more definition in your body and tone, get into the habit of swimming laps in the pool. As you continue to swim, you’ll gain definition in areas you didn’t have before.

4. It builds endurance.

While swimming is about moving through the water, there’s an element of breath control that you have to utilize when you swim underwater. As you continue to swim, it’ll naturally build your endurance in a way that’s unique to swimming. When your endurance increases, you’re able to sustain other workouts and activities for a longer period of time. Swimming is a fun workout and has so many benefits. If you’re not confident in the pool, give yourself some time to learn and improve. Your body will appreciate this type of workout.

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