Hitting Your Summer Goals with a Personal Trainer’s Help  

Summer is just weeks away—are you swimsuit ready? No? Well, it’s not too late to make some major changes in your physique without having to starve yourself! Whether you are looking to transform your body to a lean, mean, fighting machine or just want to ditch those last few pounds, enlisting the help of a professional personal trainer can make all the difference. Think you can do it all by yourself? If you haven’t reached your goal yet, don’t hesitate; get some assistance!


Personal trainers know the human body—it’s their job! Although you might be sticking to a regular workout routine, you can always benefit from some pointers from someone who knows just what your body needs to take your weight loss to the next level. And if you are an exercise novice, a professional trainer can help you avoid bad workout habits, and give you tips to achieve your goals.


The most important aspect of investing in a personal trainer—other than the fact that you can reach your fitness goals more efficiently—is that you can learn to exercise properly. Sure, you may know how to do jumping jacks, but if you are looking to strengthen your arm muscles, those calisthenics might not do you much good. However, a personal trainer will know exactly which muscles you need to work, and make sure you use the equipment to your best advantage. When you hit the gym, you don’t want to wind up hurting yourself on equipment you are unfamiliar with. A trainer can make sure you stay healthy, not hurt.


Another advantage to having a personal trainer—he or she will hold you accountable. While your trainer cannot control what you do when you’re not at the gym, he can control how hard you work while you are there. There are no shortcuts with a trainer; he is there to work you. You are also more inclined to show up for a session if you are paying to work out with a trainer, or know that the trainer is waiting for you. Be honest; how many times have you said, ‘I’m going to the gym after work’ only to blow off your workout because you know you can. A trainer won’t take excuses, and your body will be better off as a result!


The job of a personal trainer is to give you the personalized attention you need and if you don’t see and feel a change in your body, then he didn’t live up to his end of the bargain. When you lose weight and inches, your trainer wins, and you do, too! Some trainers also have nutritional training and can help guide your food choices, as well. The combination of proper exercise and meal planning can expedite your progress! You may also want to consider hiring an online nutrition coach.


A personal trainer can give you some exercises you can try at home to keep your momentum going, too. If you have a home gym, a personal trainer can come to you to help you work out without the prying, judging eyes of other public gym goers. As you complete your exercises, whether at the public gym or at home, a trainer can keep an eye on your form and can evaluate you from all angles. A benefit to having a trainer is that he or she can individualize your exercise plan, especially if you suffer from an illness or physical limitation. Find yourself encountering obstacles? Your trainer is there to assist you with overcoming those obstacles and help you set realistic goals. By setting these obtainable milestones, you will feel accomplishment, and then you can set your next level of achievement. If your immediate goals are too lofty and you don’t see quick results, you might be inclined to give up. A qualified trainer won’t let that happen!

Just when you think ‘I can’t do one…more….sit-up’ along comes your trainer that pushes you to not do just one more, but five. Having a personal trainer push your limits is what it is all about, because, face it, you would NOT do those extra five sit-ups unless someone makes you. If you want results, you need to make invest in a trainer to get you to your goal.


So, you are considering investing in yourself by getting a professional to help you, but you know that not just anyone will do. You need to find someone with a background in exercise education, at the very least. Your trainer should also be certified and know CPR and first aid. If you are interested in learning how to Zumba for fitness, you probably don’t want someone who specializes in free weights. Make sure your trainer knows your goals and can help you reach them. Before your first workout session, make the trainer aware of any physical limitations or ailments you may have so he or she can adjust your workout accordingly. In addition to exercise knowledge and expertise, there are other key traits your personal trainer should possess. You will be spending a lot of time with this trainer, so you should find someone with whom you get along well. If you feel hesitant asking a question or feel uncomfortable for any reason, this trainer might not be the one for you. Your trainer should listen to your concerns and completely understand your desired results. You need someone who will be focused on you, and you alone, during your time together. Not a cell phone, not another client: you. You also want a trainer who is organized and can keep track of your progress. Initially, you may not feel you’re getting to your goal; a good trainer can show you week to week the gains you are making. If what you’re doing isn’t working, your trainer should be able to switch up your workouts to get those results.

Have a special trip you want to take this summer? Planning to spend time at the beach or the pool? You will want to look your best, in the shortest amount of time possible. Having a trainer put together a fitness plan based on your desired outcome, your athletic ability, even your budget is key to achieving your goal within a short span of time. Don’t wait; meet with a trainer to establish your summer goals!










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